About Us

" Mathematics & Compassion at the Core of all Learning!"

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Our Core Values

  • Mathematics at the core of all learning.

    • Math helps one to think analytically and develop better reasoning abilities - an essential life skill.

    • Math plays an important role in learning other subjects in school such as science, social studies, and even art.

    • Math and Art help us use the right side of our brain, there by building a powerful mind

  • Compassion at the core of all learning.​

    • Compassion is the root to a successful future​.

    • Compassion towards the world and towards everything you do, can lead to a happy life. A happy life that everyone deserves!

  • IKIDZ Core Values that combine Mathematics and Compassion allows every child in our program to be who they are and who they must be - a successful, happy child who will grow into a successful, happy adult.

"Every student succeeds in their own way, in their own areas. There is no one shoe that fits all. All one can do is present them with immense opportunities to learn, shower them with the at-most compassion, give them the gift of math and let them roll"

- Viji Anand, Founder, iKidZ Learning Center, a Rainbow Math Corporation.

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