After School Programs

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"2021 - Celebrating 10 years in education excellence!"

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After School Extended Program


Our after school extended care programs are offered for children in grades GK to 6. After school programs begin at the start of school year in August and end in June.​

Why choose us?

  • Our programs are a perfect blend of academics and enrichment (75% academic & 25% enrichment)

  • Small group sizes.

  • Wide variety of activities offered. Many activities included under one tuition. 

  • Pick-up from local schools available*.

    •    Call our centers for additional information.


Join our "Schooling with iKidZ"

8:00am to 3:30pm or 8:00am to 6:30pm

Distance Learning

Distance Learning - Online Programs

Our online programs are designed to mimic in-person lessons through live virtual instruction and interactive classes. We offer many classes and programs to choose from the comfort of your home.​

Classes offered online include

  • Group Sessions:

    • Singapore Mathematics (Grades K to 6)

    • English Language Arts (Grades K to 6)

    • Math Contest Preparation

    • Art-Drawing & Painting 

    • Programming

    • Middle & High School Math Courses

      • Pre Algebra, Algebra 1, Algebra 2/Trigonometry, Geometry, Pre Calculus​

  • One-to-one tutoring

    • Singapore Mathematics (Grades K to 6)​

    • English Language Arts (Grades K to 6)

    • Homework Help (Grades K to 6)

    • Middle & High School Math (Grades 6+)

Student Writing

1:1 Academic Tutoring Programs


A rigorous academic curriculum to build confident learners. Classes designed to lay the best core knowledge foundation for children in Mathematics and English thereby helping them succeed in school and in life.

  • Singapore Math (Grades K - 6)

  • Mathematics Tutoring (GK-12)

    • Elementary, Middle & High School grades

  • English Language Arts - Grammar, Vocabulary, Reading Comprehension (Grades K to 7)