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What is IKIDZ-TutorPartner Program?

About TutorPartner program

  • IKIDZ TutorPartner program enables tutors to reach out to students by partnering with our centers.

  • IKIDZ receives numerous inquiries from parents for in-person & online 1:1 tutoring services in multiple subject areas. 

  • TutorPartner program allows parents to find the resource that they need while tutors are able to market their skills and experience through our web presence and to the parents in our database who are looking for such resources.

  • Tutors subscribing to our Partner program, will have their profile featured on our website and benefit out of our constant marketing that reaches a wide audience.

  • Parents are able to contact you directly through email  from our website.

  • To partner with IKIDZ , tutors are required to clear a criminal background check, which in turn helps parents choose you as a tutor without second guessing their choice.

Tutor Subscription

What's included?


  • Yearly Subscription. Renewals required at the end of each year to continue subscription to our program & stay in our network.

  • Your profile on our TutorPartner page.

  • Parents reach out to you directly.

  • Tutors keep 100% of the tuition fee you charge.

  • Students make payments directly to you.

  • Tutors will be background checked before profile placement on our site. All tutors must oblige. There is NO extra fee for the background check process.

  • IKIDZ students in our database will also have access to your profile.

  • Tutors may choose both in-person and/or  live - virtual options to deliver your lessons

  • In-person lessons may be conducted at a location of your choice. You  can make arrangements with parents directly.

  • If you do not have a location, you may choose to tutor at one of our locations in Fremont or Newark for a $10/hr space usage fee. Prior booking is required and space is allotted based on availability & hours of operation.

  • Choose your own online platform to deliver your virtual tutoring. Make arrangements with parents directly on which platform you will use.

Subscribe Now!

How to subscribe?

  • Complete and submit the TutorPartner sign up form.

  • Make a payment for the yearly subscription. Invoices sent via email after receiving your form.

  • Clear a criminal background check.

  • Profile is cast on our website within 24-48hours after background check is cleared.

  • Your subscription begins from the day your profile goes on our website and expires 12 months from that date.

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