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Trial classes offered March 1-6, 2021
Adapting to the new normal! Registrations now open for In-Person & Virtual programs
for Summer & Fall 2021


After School Program
GK - 6

Locations: Fremont & Newark, CA

In-Person & Virtual

Summer Programs
GK - 6

Locations: Fremont & Newark, CA

In-Person & Virtual

Math Programs
 GK - 6

Locations: Fremont & Newark, CA

In-Person & Virtual

Math Programs
 G6 - 12
Masks in Classroom

Our Approach

 We believe every child is different and talented in many different ways. A balance between social, emotional and academic skills is required for every child’s success. We simply help students get motivated, be inspired, get creative and redefine education. In order to accomplish this, we strive to create an ideal place for your children between school and home to lay the best foundation possible in the real world and now in the virtual world.

Children are Intelligent, Kind, Innovative, Dauntless, and Zealous.

They are IKIDZ in every possible way!

i  :  Intelligent - the ability to perceive information & retain it as knowledge 

K : Kind - the ability to show compassion, kindness to the world around them

i  :  Innovative - the ability to think creatively and introduce new ideas

d : Dauntless - the ability to solve problems both in Math and in life fearlessly

Z : Zealous - the ability to be enthusiastic in learning new information

News & Announcements

Virtual Art Exhibition 2020

View Gallery Here

IKIDZ - Mowry
5133 Mowry Avenue
Fremont, CA 94538
IKIDZ - Newark
34904 Newark Blvd
Newark, CA 94560


Call: 510 402 6284

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